Pokemon GO Notifications

A Google Chrome extension that provides notifications of pokemon spawning nearby in Pokemon GO.

Application Type: Google Chrome Extension
Platform: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Chrome OS
Source Code: Github

This fun Google Chrome extension was built by myself and my friend, Piotr Romanowski, over the course of a weekend and released with rave reviews and over 7000 downloads in it's first week after release.

Soon after the release of Pokemon GO, web apps started to pop-up allowing users to track where pokemon were in their area using Pokemon GO's not-so-open API. After coming across the most popular Pokemon GO tracker, PokeVision, I inspected their source and found that I could easily use their JSON API to get notifications of nearby Pokemon.

Unfortunately, within a week of releasing Pokemon GO Notifications, the creators of Pokemon GO (Niantic, Inc.) started cracking down on trackers, and PokeVision ceased service. As a result, Pokemon GO Notifications is currently not functional.